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What is Value Builder™?


The Value Builder System™ is statistically proven to improve the value of a privately held business. At the core of the system is The Value Builder Score™. The Score is an assessment that evaluates a business on the eight value drivers acquirers consider when buying companies. The Value Builder Score™ gives a comprehensive assessment of the “sellability” of your business, whether you want to sell your business for a premium now, or simply know that you could.

After analyzing more than 30,000+ businesses, analysts at The Value Builder System™ have discovered that companies with a Value Builder Score of 80+ received offers that were 71% higher than the average-scoring business.

The Value Builder System™ gives business owners an action plan to improve their Score – and their value. It is available exclusively through an experienced and authorized group of advisors, known as Certified Value Builders™. Traci Dvorak, owner of Illuminate Business Group, LLC, is a Certified Value Builder™. She is ready to work side-by-side with you to increase the value of your company.

Why is Value Builder Important?


For a business to stand out — and attract the highest offers — it must be operating at peak performance. Value Builder can measure your current value, create an action plan for improvement, and help you implement it.

Investors are sophisticated buyers. They can easily identify issues that affect your business’s value. Private investors, commercial bankers and equity groups are in the business of acquiring businesses. They will work with a team of professionals to perform due diligence into every aspect of your business, including accounting, management, operations, and credit history.

This may be your first or second business to sell. But you will likely be working with a buyer who has purchased many companies. Since you are not a professional seller, working with a professional buyer puts you at a disadvantage. But, with Value Builder, you can bridge that gap. Using this proven system, we will reveal and resolve blind spots in your company before you sell.

Building Value Requires Strategic Change.


To make your company more valuable, changes will need to be made. It will take time and hard work. But by engaging with Illuminate Business Group through the Value Builder System™, you will spend time on the most meaningful changes to drive value. Further, as you move through the program, you can track your progress against benchmarks, measuring your improvement as you go.